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Study tour for members of "Healthy Adriatic Lifestyles" network held

14 February 2014

Considering the fact that users of this project in Montenegro already offer their products and services to tourists, they find it very important to try and feel examples of good practice from the region. From all activities that will be organized, we can underline visit to the Škocjanske caves, extraordinary system of calcareous caves, 6 km of underground passages with total depth more than 200m, a lot of waterfalls and one of the biggest underground spaces. Participants will sea a touristic attraction made from nature beauty. Except this, participants will enjoy bird watching in Škocjanska swamp. Participants will visit Tourist board of Portorož and will learn what is the way to guide this touristic destination which has the biggest number of overnight stays in Slovenia. We will visit the stable with Lipicaner horses, domestic breed from Slovenia. We will see and the town of Štanjel, village Pliskovica, Trieste in Italy, woodcarving shops and eat in households which offer to tourists domestic products, food prepared in traditional way from ingredients that they made by themselves.

This way they can feel importance of connecting different offers so we can have one high quality touristic product which includes everything that tourists need so they can have a real adventure in the place where they're coming.

Our country has a lot of domestic and healthy products, traditional hand made products, extraordinary natural beauty and possibilities to organize different sport activities (climbing and kite surfing). People who use this network will work on improvement of their offers, connecting with other bidders, so they can get unique touristic product because Montenegro needs and can offer to tourists a lot more than sand, sun and sea.

Via project, bidders had a chance to participate in activities that aimed to connect their offers and give them extra value. Aim of project is to promote sustainable tourism through improvement of touristic offer, connecting of high quality touristic products with local and regional cultural-historic and nature heritage.

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