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Koper has an interesting old town with a preserved gate, Praetorian Palace and Loggia from the fifteenth century, Du Ponte fountain from the seventeenth century and a cathedral from the twelfth century. Outside of the coastal area, on the hinterland, Koper is lacking tourist destinations, although several bike paths and trails could be found. Only 21 percent of the total of the coastal hotels are located in Koper, although a recognizable touristic camp is available on the beach. 

One orthopedic hospital named Valdotra in the abovementioned tourist camp’s surrounding has been developing medical tourism, which is a potential asset for the entire concept of health tourism. Other than that, healthy diet has been also one theme in which tourist providers in Koper are concerned about. Over 75 percent of the food providers in Koper declared that their products are eco-product, are healthy, and deserve higher value then the regular foods. Unexpectedly, when the providers were asked if their region is a “health-oriented” destination, they answered “no”, which is unfortunate as Koper has the preconditions to become one health-oriented destination for the health tourism: the sea, the coastal air, mild climate and whole-year outdoor activities. 

As far as the human and infrastructural resources are concerned, the AHVN Project had led to the foundation of two important initiatives for the development of health tourism in Koper. The first one is the Eco Point operated by the Association of Healthy Entrepreneurs. If offers a wide garden of herbs, natural pond and a complete coastal environment.  It has the capacity of 50 visitors at a time and it includes the element of relaxation, recreation, health care, education, cuisine and culture. The second initiative is the Football Academy “Champion Legs”, which focuses on the sport tourism niche. Designed for football enthusiasts of the age from 6 to 18, it also includes the parents’ activities which are workshops on parenting, healthy diet for athletes and advises on providing a healthy home for young football players.